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Acid Washed Activated Carbon


This activated charcoal is created for use in ultra-pure water treatment systems that demand extremely high purity and low conductivity. Additionally, this activated carbon is made particularly to take heavy hydrocarbons out of recovered condensate. In order to stop soluble silica from leaching into the condensate, the acid washing procedure removes it from the matrix of the activated carbon.

Dechlorination of water, improved taste, elimination of unpleasant odors, elimination of color from water, elimination of organic contaminants, etc. are only a few advantages of Acid Washed Activated Carbon. Acid washed activated carbon has a complex internal structure, a neutral surface, the highest hardness, a long operational life, a high rate of activity, and quick pH stabilization. Acid washed activated carbon is utilized in a variety of processes, including the de-oiling of condensate, the treatment of semiconductor process water, the treatment of dialysis fluid, point-of-entry treatment units, and the defense of reverse osmosis membranes from organic and chlorine fouling.

Special Crystal is an acid washed high purity high activity granular activated carbon manufactured by steam activation from carefully selected coconut shells.

Our acid wash products are NSF certified and are available in various mesh sizes such as:

12 x 40

8 x 30



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Acid Washed Activated Carbon


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