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Iron Activated Metal Organic Frameworks


FERROLOX-X is based on carbon and activated with Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) based adsorbent that can selectively capture soluble organic, inorganic & heavy metals from water. It has been surrounded by a Hematite ferrite shell and has the highest adsorption capacity.

FERROLOX-X internal surface area is consisting of 70% Macropores and 20% Mesopores and only 10% micropores.

FERROLOX-X adsorber can be regenerated by using SOLAROXY-3C.

Standard Mesh Sizes

0.5 – 2.0 mm

Carbon Content Min 34%
FEOOH Content Min 66%
Moisture Content Max: 5 – 10%
Adsorption Capacity 80 g/L (by volume)
Specific Surface Area 3000 m2/g
Physical Properties
Type MOF’s Adsorber
Form Solid Granules
Color Reddish Black
Particle Size 0.5 – 2.0 mm
Color Dark Brown
Bulk Density Ca. 690 kg/m3

Removal of



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