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Granular Coal Based Activated Carbon


Activesorb 2000 is a high activity granular activated carbon manufactured by steam activation from select grades of bituminous coal. The perfect balance between adsorption and transport pores provides optimum performance in a wide range of water treatment applications. The product is a high density adsorbent and provides maximum volume activity. The material is water washed during manufacture and therefore wets rapidly. The excellent hardness and mechanical strength ensures negligible losses during backwashing, air scouring and multiple reactivations.

Soft drink manufacturers and breweries rely upon Watch Water Carbons® activated carbon for dechlorination and dissolved organic removal.

Standard Mesh Sizes​

 20 x 50

 12 x 40

 8 x 30

 8 x 16

6 x 12

Iodine number Min. 950 mg/g
Moisture content Max. 5%
Total ash content Max. 13%
Wettability Min. 95%
Hardness Min. 95%
Typical Properties*
Surface area 1000 m2/g
Methylene blue number 280 mg/g
Total pore volume 1.04 cm3/g
Water soluble ash 0.2 %
Apparent density 490 kg/m3
pH 8-11


Activesorb 2000

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