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Iron Coated Coconut Shell Activated Carbon


Catalytic Carbon is based on a coconut shell and coated with Iron for high Organics and Inorganics adsorptions. Very high capacity for chloramines, trihalomethanes, hydrogen sulfide, and chlorine. Regenerable with Oxydes-P

Standard Mesh Sizes

8 x 16

8 x 20

8 x 30

12 x 30

12 x 40

18 x 40


Technical Specification
Specification Value
Appearance Coarse Granule
Color Dark Red
Praticle Size 0.6 - 2.4 mm
Mesh Size(US) 8x30
Surface Area (BET) 5% (Max.)
Ball Pen Hardness 98% (Min.)
Bulk Density 630-640 kg/m3
pH 9.5
Expected Service Life 2-5 Years*
Multiple Regeneration Yes**

Cataytic Carbon

Activated Carbon Specialist
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