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Granulated Coconut Shell Activated Carbon


Activesorb CX high catalytic activity granular activated carbon based on a coconut shell. Large extensive internal pore structure for high adsorption capacity and rapid removal of chlorine and chloramines. Available in various granular sizes, pellets and powder.

Standard Mesh Sizes​

8 x 16

8 x 20

8 x 30

12 x 30

12 x 40

18 x 40

Iodine Adsorption Min. 1100 mg/g
Moisture content, as packed Max. 3%
Total ash content Max. 4%
Ball-pan hardness Min. 98%
CTC activity Min. 55%
Catalytic activity Min. 20%
Typical Properties
Mesh Size 8x30 (0.600 -2.36 mm)
Surface Area (BET) 1100 m2/g
Apparent Density 522 kg/m3
Bulk Density 525 - 540 kg/m3
Backwash and Drained Density 437 kg/m3
pH 9 -11



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