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Granular Coal Based Activated Carbon


Activesorb 1000 is a standard activity granular activated carbon, specifically manufactured for the treatment of water for human consumption, in both municipal and industrial applications. The manufacturing process develops a porous structure that is effective in the removal of dissolved organic matter, pesticides and chemicals that are found in raw water sources. Activesorb 1000 is suitable for use in the treatment of ground, surface and network supplies. The material is compliant with international standards for carbon media used in this application.

Soft drink manufacturers and breweries rely upon Activesorb activated carbon for dechlorination and dissolved organic removal

Standard Mesh Sizes​

 8 x 18

 8 x 30

10 x 20

 12 x 40

 20 x 40

Iodine adsorption min. 850 mg/g
Moisture content, as packed max. 5%
Apparent density Min.. 450 kg/m3
Total ash content max. 15%
Wettability min. 99%
Ball pan hardness 96%
Typical Properties*
Iodine adsorption 900 m2/g
Methylene blue number 160 ml/g
Surface area (BET) 900 m2/g
Apparent density 510 kg/m3
Backwashed and drained density 440 kg/m3

* Specifications and typical properties are produced using Watch Water Carbons’ test methods. They are listed for informational purposes only and not to be used as purchase specifications. Sales specifications can be obtained from our Technical Sales Representative and should be reviewed before placing an order.


Activesorb 1000

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