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Manufacturers of point of use and point of entrance water filtration systems receive our premium activated carbon. A number of contaminants that could be present in drinkable water provided by the waterworks can be eliminated using activated carbon. When employed as a disinfectant during network supply, chlorine, for instance, leaves behind an objectionable taste and odor. Activated carbon may be used to effectively remove both this and disinfection byproducts like trihalomethanes, which have been associated to adverse health consequences.

Our activated carbon frequently serves as the final line of defense in the treatment of potable water for customers throughout the world in a world where concern over the contamination of water sources is rising. In a world full of uncertainty, Watch Water Carbon solutions offer comfort with their capacity to eliminate pharmaceutical micro-pollutants, industrial chemicals, and pesticides. Our coal-based activated carbons are acknowledged as the best in the business, and our Aqua Series grade is one of the few products that satisfies the heavy metal leaching criteria of California’s Proposition 65.


Point of Entry – Whole House Systems

Instead of having filters on each water outlet, a user who uses point of entry (or POE) filters simply has one system. Watch Water Carbon can supply carbon to remove chlorine and chlorine compounds, as well as undesirable tastes and odors, pesticides, and micropollutants from water.

Point of Use Filters

Although point of use (POU) filters are most frequently employed in filter jugs, they are also present in contemporary coffee makers and commercial beverage dispensers. Instead of filtering all water entering the building, these filters use activated carbon to remove pollutants from water that is intended for consumption. With the help of our carbon products, you may get rid of pesticides, chlorine and chlorine compounds, unpleasant tastes or odors, and micropollutants.

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