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Air and Gas Treatments


It is crucial that all industrial activities follow laws governing their emissions into the environment since breathing dirty air can pose serious health concerns to the general population. Industries frequently need to clean the air and gas utilized in their processes in addition to managing emissions to prevent issues with pollutants during operation. One of the best solutions for issues involving gaseous pollutants in air and gases is activated carbon. Watch Water Carbons has a large number of professionals spread across all geographic markets, and each team is knowledgeable about and has expertise with the various laws in various nations and the specifi-cations of various procedures.


Air Purification – VOC Removal

Unfortunately, there are a lot of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air we breathe. Some are created by humans, while others are created by nature. There are many different sorts, and many of them are bad for the environment and the health of people. The strict laws that are in place to control the amount of these compounds in the air must be followed by any industrial activity that releases them. Activated carbon is a useful tool for lowering VOC levels and ensuring compliance.

Acid and Alkali Gases in Air Streams

Inorganic gases that include considerable amounts of hydrogen sul-fifide, sulfur dioxide, or other caustic chemicals are collectively referred to as “acid gases.”Alkali gas mostly consists of ammonia, although it can also contain sodium hydroxide vapors and faint amine odors. These gases have a nasty odor and may be very poisonous, causing everything from headaches and eye irritation to respiratory problems.

Mercury Removal

Extreme corrosion of metallic components can occur when mercury and its reactive byproducts are present in natural gas, petrochemical, and refinery feed streams. Of course, mercury is also extremely poisonous. High activity activated carbons that are chemically impregnated and have been created by Watch Water Carbons and are very good at removing mercury

Landfill Leachate

One of the main odorous chemicals, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), is frequently eliminated from gas streams via activated carbon adsorption. In addition to having an unpleasant smell, the gas is also extremely combustible and poisonous. In terms of eliminating H2S, impregnated activated carbon has consistently demonstrated the best performance.

Pressure Swing Adsorption

In industrial, refinery, and food processing processes, high-purity gases are employed more and more. In the petrochemical sector, on-site gas generation is frequently required due to remote extraction locations. In pressure swing adsorption systems, activated carbon plays a significant role in the separation of oxygen, hydrogen, and other important gases from the air, enabling localized synthesis of these critical components for businesses that require them.

Reformer Gas Treatment & Catalysis of Synthesis Reactions

Gas recovery frequently produces pollutants that are unfavorable to different treatment processes, such as precious metal catalysts. In addition to extending the life of these catalysts, activated carbons can act as catalysts in the production of industrial goods such as phosgene, vinyl chloride, and vinyl acetate. For these uses, Watch Water Carbons provides activated carbon compounds that work well as general-purpose adsorbents.

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