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Gold Recovery


ActiveGold – AU is a Coconut shell-based activated carbon produced by a high-temperature Steam Activation Process. The product most suited for gold recovery systems is ActiveGold-AU, which has good adsorption kinetics, a high gold loading capacity, and big micropores (both CIL: Carbon-in-Leach and CIP: Carbon-in-Pulp). Low attrition, low platelet content, and high hardness all contribute to comparatively little carbon loss.

Adsorption forces remove gold from solutions in gold recovery applications and fix the metal complex to the carbon surface. While it is important to maximize the adsorption of gold from the solution, it is equally important to subsequently de-adsorb the gold from the carbon because the reaction takes place at the surface of the carbon, making the adsorption process relatively simple to reverse (a process known as “desorption”). After elution or stripping, any molecules that remained adsorbed transform into gold that cannot be retrieved. To increase total output and profitability, it is crucial to choose an activated carbon that adsorbs and desorbs substances effectively. This is where ActiveSorb-AU comes into play and offers the best in market adsorption and deadsorption capabilities.

Standard Mesh Sizes

6 x 12 (3.35 – 1.70 mm)

8 x 16 (2.36 – 11.18 mm)


Drinking Water treatment

Carbon in Pulp (Processing occurs when the leaching of gold takes place in an agitation tank prior to the mixture of ActiveGold Au.

Agriculture + Irriga on

Carbon in Leach (Processing occurs when the ActiveGold Au is added to the slurry prior to the leaching step with cyanide The gold is simultaneously leached and adsorbed in one process.

Municipal Water

Carbon in Column (is a process which is used post leaching of gold cyanide solution and adsorbing the gold cyanide into columns of ActiveGold Au.

ActiveGold - AU

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