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Point of Entry - Whole House Systems

For Point of Use (POU) Filters, Watch Water Carbon offffers products for :


Taste and organic removal


Pharmaceutical micropollutants and pesticides removal

Chlorine and chlorine compounds removal

Which :

  • Have dedicated adsorption efficiency
  • Have high dechlorination capacity

  • Create less turbidity

  • Could be water or acid washed

Watch Water Carbon provides Aqua Serie grades for the catalytic removal of chloramine as well as the removal of free chlorine and organics. These are typically made of bituminous coal and coconut shell, and depending on the application requiring greater purity water, come in water- and acid-washed grades. To guarantee the consistency of our products, we uphold the strongest standards of quality control. The activated carbon used by manufacturers of POE systems is guaranteed to satisfy the requirements of each system’s user.

Point of Use Filters

Aqua Serie

A specialized activated carbon product made for a variety of tasks related to water treatment. This line of goods complies with international norms including NSF, EN, and AWWA. They also comply with the Food Chemicals Codex criteria. This guarantees a high quality of performance in applications involving potable and process water

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